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  • The Christmas Spirit

    December has always been my favourite time of year. Having Christmas and New Years in the same month is like having Hot cocoa with marshmallows and Hazelnut syrup, perfect. 
    It really is the most wonderful time of the year. A time to spend with family and loved ones. A time to reflect on everything that has happened during the last twelve months. A time to plan for the future. A time in which you have the most wonderful food. A time where you save up all year so you can spend it all in shops full of stressed shoppers, juggling their winter jackets, long present lists and lodes of bags. Well unless you live in California and like doing your shopping online. But anyway this would be the overview of the holiday season for a parent.
    Now as from a child's perspective, this is a time of magic where snow falls even in the Bahamas just because its Christmas. A time to decorate the house. A time to make crafts and send cards. A time to sing and be jolly. A time where the stars cover the whole world with light. A time of wonderful smells and tastes. A time of presents a full houses.
    In every Home and in every family, traditions are being made. Making traditions is like leaving your mark in the world, leaving a print of your soul, and planting a little seed for the generations to come. 
    Thinking of my childhood, were the traditions that made everything so special. Like decorating the fireplace with the the small figures and the pine cones. Like looking for the dried leaves we placed inside books so long ago, and making our every year Christmas cards with them. Or all the different crafts we would make together to decorate our home. 
    Memories, these are the marks that tradition left in my heart. I can still feel the touch of the clay between my fingers, or the smell of the pine leaves. I can still hear my mothers laughter as she sang along to some music in the radio. As I close my eyes and think of my Christmas as a child, I remember how loved I was and how safe I felt.
    And so, even with all that comes with being a grownup, by making traditions and keeping them alive, you are making magic.
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