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  • Meet Alex Troutman a Wildlife Biologist!

    Hey, I'm Alex Troutman from Austell, Georgia! I'm a 29-year-old Wildlife Biologist nature lover and science communicator. 

    A Wildlife Biologist is someone who studies wild animals. As a wildlife biologist I have worked with Several Species of Bats, Sea Turtles, and Butterflies. Many of the species I work with are Endangered Species, many at that, there are not many left in the wild and they need special upbringing from people like me to help make sure they are around in the future.

    The natural world has always been fascinating to me! Growing up I knew I wanted to work with wildlife. I have had the privilege to have a career in something that I am passionate about.

    I started out as a park ranger, spent time as an environmental Educator for a few zoos and aquariums, worked as a biologist and now I’m a Graduate Student at Georgia Southern University. Studying Diets of Seaside Sparrows nestlings and the insect distribution around the nesting areas. During my free time I participate in science communication or sharing science information with others. Under the handle @N8ture_AL I share wildlife facts and photos on twitter and Instagram.  I also enjoy wildlife photography, birding, and hiking.

    My favorite Animal is a Red Panda! Some cool facts about  them are: They are classified as Carnivores(meat eaters) but the majority of the food they eat are plants. They are arboreal, meaning that they spend most of their times in trees. Although they are called Red Pandas, they are not related to Giant pandas and there are not even bears.         

    Lastly, I love being in nature and working with Wildlife and I want to share that with the world, specially the young’uns that looks like me.

    Representation matters and I know how it feels to grow up not seeing anybody who looks like you, and are doing what you want to do. I grew up not seeing anyone who looked like me in the Natural resources field.

     So, I’m here to show the future scientist that there are people who look like you and who come from where you’re from living that Wildlife dream! 





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