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    ''...Lil Bellies, an online shop created by an adventurous LA mom, is the perfect stop to outfit your adventures with explorers’ gear made for kids. Scroll down for our favorite all natural tips, treks and tools from this inspirational family.

    The Backstory
    Claudia Didomenico is an LA mom of three, but she grew up on a small farm in Brazil riding horses bareback and going on adventures in neighboring fields. Those memories are some of her most precious treasures, so naturally she wanted a similar experience for her own kids. Living in a big urban city, like LA, the biggest hurdle Claudia noticed was the lack of freedom. “These days, even living in the suburbs, children can’t run free, explore or climb the few trees on the streets unsupervised. So I took it upon myself to take them to places where precious memories could be built and where they could grow up with the freedom to explore, create, discover and connect with the natural world surrounding them,” Claudia explains. “Nature settings are the best playground for children of all ages and one with endless possibilities of amazement and growth.”

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