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Our Story

"It all began early in my childhood. Every time my sisters and I needed a drink our grandmother would serve us tiny tin white mugs with black handles and rims. With them we would have tea parties, garden expeditions and backyard camping sleepovers. So many adventures! And to this day I can still find those tin cups from years ago in my grandmother's kitchen.
It amazes me how many memories a tiny white mug can carry for so many years ."     -Claudia DiDomenico

The Lil Mug is inspired from the beauty of carrying your childhood memories through the generations in a simple little cup. We choose the best quality enamelware paired with our unique whimsical compositions.  Designed for kids with parents and community in mind, come fill your Lil Mug with memories to last a lifetime.
Claudia DiDomenico
Born and raised in Brazil, Claudia, like her mother and her mother before her, believe that family is the most important part of one's life. Family carries your history from recipes to how you perceive the world, relate to others and care for your children. Her and her husband (Tarik) have three children (Kai, Alaia and Bela).
"Kai is the oldest boy with an imagination that is beyond anything I have ever encountered. From exciting games to innovative outfits, he always puts a smile on our faces. Alaia our middle child always knows what she wants and is never afraid to tell anyone no matter what their age or size is.  You will never find Alaia without her "cape" and one of her dashing shoes on. Bela is the baby and the most adventurous of all three. If she is in a bad mood all we need to do is take her into nature and smiles and giggles fills the air. "
All of Claudia's inspiration is derived from observing her kids play, explore the world around them and the challenges they encounter along the way.
The designs from the Enamelware line are all drawn by Claudia's sister, Flavia. With a bachelor in Visual Arts and a Master's on Stage design and Scenography at the Technische Universitat of Berlin in Germany, her beautiful drawings brings life to the sister's memories and new experiences as mothers.

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